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Bulk Pricing

Looking for Copywriting, Coaching or Consulting? See Pricing-C.

5 Hours Bulk Support

  • 5-Hours of Bulk Marketing Support
  • Effective Bill-Rate – $70 / hr
  • Hrs Expire 30-Days from Purchase Date*
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10 Hours Bulk Support

  • 10-Hours of Bulk Marketing Support
  • Effective Bill-Rate – $65 / hr
  • Hrs Expire 90-Days from Purchase Date*
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20 Hours Bulk Support

  • 20-Hours of Bulk Marketing Support
  • Effective Bill-Rate – $60 / hr
  • Hrs Expire 6-months from Purchase Date*
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So, how does this bulk hours thing work?

* we’ll estimate pretty damn accurate time ranges for the support/training you ask for during our initial call
* hours are expended in 1/4 hour increments and logged in Freshbooks (live access available upon request)
* the time purchased can be used for direct support and training interchangeably on request
* programming (CSS, PHP, JavaScript, custom API work) and graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc…) NOT included
* after a month or so of working together, we can put you on a flat monthly fee – but not before. Too many unknowns till then.
* any paid work with us will make you eligible for the MailChimp Expert Discount Program (3-months of waived monthly fees – so a 5K list size would save you $150 hard cost)

* Why do the hours expire?

In a word, responsiveness. When we have clients sit on un-used hours for a lengthy period of time, we can no longer honor the 1-2 business day turnaround on our response time and task completion. If we feel that there isn’t enough work to be accomplished, we’ll suggest a smaller package.

But I don’t want to pay up-front.

No worries. We offer weekly capped billing @ $65 / hr in Upwork which comes with all sorts of fancy schmancy buyer protection, live timesheets, incremental billing, etc… Our weekly limit floor is 2 hours per week. Seth covers B2C / eCommerce, David covers B2B / Facebook / LinkedIn.

What is *not* included?

Copywriting – though we cover copyediting, writing copy from scratch, or heavy re-writes is much more difficult.
Coaching – we rarely take coaching clients, but when we do, it requires an abnormal level of availability from the owners.
Consulting – this is handled directly by our founder, Nate Wright, and is capped at 5 clients concurrently at any one time.
Here’s the pricing on those high-end services.

Can you just explain it to me over the phone?

Sure. Schedule that here.