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Nate Wright, Owner, Small Biz Triage

Founder, Copywriting, Training

A Southern California-bred, self-professed desert rat, Nate picked up his first management job at 15 running the “kitchen patrol” at a ghetto-spectacular Search and Rescue training center in Ephrata, WA. During a 4-year sentence at the US Air Force Academy, he began writing creatively and professionally.

Nate mysteriously showed up in Seattle in 2006 with no car, no house, no money, no job, an ex-wife, and full custody of a beautiful 5-year old girl. After coming up for air, he stepped back into the creative realm by surviving TheFilmSchool in ’08 and started Small Biz Triage (formerly known as Savor the Sound) with two fellow members of the “single dad mafia”. Nate moved to Chico, CA in 2012, and now actively manages sales & marketing for 50+ small businesses and non-profits across the United States (and a few in Serbia, Lebanon, Israel, Canada, UK, Australia, Kenya and KSA). Nate on LinkedIn. You can see his unfiltered thoughts at Unapologetically Human.