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David Begg, Owner, Small Biz Triage

B2B Director (Sales Emails, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages)

Born and raised in Southern California, David brings a fast-paced “get it done” mentality to the table here at SBT. He is a self-motivated, results oriented individual with a rock solid work ethic, and and even better sense of humor. While he does his best to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, he never loses focus on his work. Fueled by the quote, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” David has been able to apply his passion for marketing to something he strongly believes to be worthwhile; preservation of the American dream, AKA supporting small businesses.

David runs our office in L.A. and became an owner in Jan 2017 after putting up with Nate’s (mis-)management and Seth’s puns for nearly 2-years.

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