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About Small Biz Triage

Small Biz Triage is obsessed with relentlessly helping small biz owners grow their kingdoms to support an independent (and generous) lifestyle, while injecting humanity into their business.

How the heck do we do that?


Training for small business owners (One-on-One in-person, phone or via shared screen video chat sessions)


Support small business owners with developing and executing custom-tailored marketing and sales strategies.


Produce uncensored content for the small biz community such as how to guides, interviews with dynamic small biz owners, and a killer newsletter.

We’re a freaking amazing team of freelance writers, SEO experts, web developers, social media addicts, graphic designers and a legion of awesome clients.

We used this swiss army knife of a network (and gumption) to build our business to where it is today, and we’d like to do the same for you.

Why? Because we like to work with real people who are trying to do awesome things.

Our attitude, our mantra, is to be relentlessly useful, unapologetically human, and to lead story-worthy lives.

Behind every dollar earned is a human face, and baby, you’re about to meet a bunch of ’em.

Let’s talk.

Meet The Team

Nate Wright

Nate Wright


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Seth Rasmussen

Seth Rasmussen


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David Begg

David Begg

Marketing Director

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