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Local SEO for Small Business


Many local business owners often question the validity of online marketing strategies. After all, where is the sense in spending time and resources in marketing your business to strangers online, when you have a solid customer base that recognizes it as an established presence on the high street? This attitude may have made the cut […]

Guest Blog on “PR in your Pajamas”


We’re stoked to have had the opportunity to be invited by the impressive Elena Verlee, to write a guest blog for PR in your Pajamas. If that doesn’t sound comfy enough (as long as you’re not going out in public, and in a college town like Chico, even that’s sometimes “acceptable”); we break down the […]

Office Productivity: Comparing Virtual and Serviced Environments

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There is no doubt that the conventional notion of the workplace has changed drastically in the last 40 years. Following the ascendance of the Googleplex, offices are taking on a more dynamic, worker-friendly and informal structure. Not only old chestnuts like ergonomics and proper ventilation but the entire office landscape (the organisation of furniture, workplace […]