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Productivity and Pixar: Interview with Kevin Kinell

Kevin Kinell is a Project Manager, Business Developer, Software Developer, and a father. In this interview, Nate and Kevin chat about balancing work and family life, Kevin’s myriad projects, and turning his hobby into a revenue stream. Enjoy! -Seth- Nate Wright:  What’s your favorite project? Paid or not paid. Regardless of money, what was the [...]

Breweries and Business Insurance: Interview with Courtney Nelson

Business Insurance Courtney: The industry that I predominantly work in are local contractors—so general liability, workers’ compensation, property—and then microbreweries, mainly in California, just because that’s my state. I also am on the board of Innovate North State, which is a non-profit organization that’s local. It’s dedicated to raising the tech industry in the 530 [...]